Launch of the Afternoon Youth (APREM-JEUN) at the esplanade of the Yaoundé Omnisports Stadium

General context

In Cameroon, as in most countries, young people represent the majority of the population. Unfortunately, this segment of the population is faced with many challenges, including exclusion, instrumentalization, generational conflicts, social unrest, violent extremism, hateful and xenophobic speech, training problems, employment among others.

It is on the strength of this observation and within the framework of the intensification of the national campaign for civic education and national integration and the moral and civic rearmament of young people, that the official launch of the APREM-JEUN is taking place today. .

Beginning of some tests.

arm wrestling

The test consists of a duel lasting a maximum of 2 minutes at the end of which if no one has put the arm of his vis-à-vis on the table, the jury designates the one who has the winning opponent.

The Minjec launch word

The Minister Mounouna Foutsou begins by expressing his gratitude “for the fruitful collaboration between the administrations, the structures and the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, collaboration which has contributed significantly to the launch of this activity today as well as for its implementation.”

The Minjec then explains what the APREM-JEUN are in a concrete way. “This is a mobilization platform bringing together young people, experts from the youth sector, representatives of the competent partner structures and the staff of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education in a framework of debates and permanent reflections. and constructive in the areas of civic education, peacebuilding, social cohesion and living together, volunteering, community life and youth participation, as well as the socio-economic integration of young people. he said.

Intervention of “Quiz Cameroon”

The intervention focuses on raising awareness on the responsible use of social networks. It starts from the observation that social networks are today places where it is easy to divert populations and even more easily young people.

The speaker also invites young people to have the following attitudes so as not to be the objects of those who want to use youth for bad purposes:

– follow the appropriate pages, i.e. subscribe to the pages of government institutions, which give the right information;

– show patriotism by sharing information that highlights Cameroon,

– and follow the people who motivate, who embody values ​​conducive to the emergence of Cameroon.

Citizen debate

Theme: “Cameroonian Living Together in Peace: Myth or Reality”

This is a debate on the theme set out above by three groups of community mediators (Yaoundé 1,2 and 3).

During their respective interventions, the community mediators highlighted how Cameroonian diversity is maintained in the different social contexts.

Moreover, noting some recent actions that upset this balance, they encouraged young people to act in turn to preserve this diversity.

public speaking contest

Young people from different establishments compete in an oral expression competition, with the additional criterion of expression each in their national language.

Intervention of MINEPDED

From the intervention of the representative of this ministerial department, we note that during the period of the Unity Day, MINEPDED will sensitize young people on their participation in the preservation of the environment.

The manager also raised awareness among students and called on them to behave in an environmentally friendly manner in their schools and in their places of residence, to preserve the environment of tomorrow.

Heritage dances

The students now demonstrate their dancing skills, to the rhythms of local steps.

Success story

Jean-Bernard Essengue, a 32-year-old came up on the stage and briefly told what he is today.

He is the CEO of a company called AJEM SAS, based in Kondengui. This company operates in the printing of comics.

He indicates that his company employs 40 young people, whose salaries are between 110 and 500,000 FCFA. This workforce allows them to produce more than 50,000 copies of comics per month.

In perspective, the company plans to open an ultra-modern printing plant in the coming months.

To his young peers, he declared “you have to believe in your dream, I believed in my dream. When you believe in your dreams, the state accompanies you. But you have to believe in yourself.”

It was to loud applause that the young man finished his speech, with the young students, visibly marked.

Delivery of kits

The kits that are handed over to the Minister of Youth and Civic Education include:

👉 Tablets to the various actors of the Online Civic Education Campaign;

👉 A table of symbols and emblems and a flag for MINJEC officials.

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