Youth Eleven launch activities

MEYOMESSALA launches its activities

MEYOMESSALA launches its activities marking the celebration of the 51st edition of the National Day today in the presence of all the living forces in symbiosis with the army! Mobilization of all the populations to commemorate the National unity, under the supervision of the Sub-Prefect of the MEYOMESSALA District. Mr.

Effective start of the village of unity edition 2023 in Adamaoua in Ngaoundéré

Braised fish with provisions to value life cheaper


🟢🔴🟡DRESS REHEARSAL FOR THE PARADEMay 20 BoulevardWednesday May 18, 2022 Le Bataillon Inter Rapide (BIR) Arrival of the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou at the ceremony square Défilé motoriséAvec en tête les 24 chevaux et 24 motards de la Garde Présidentielle réservés pour les sorties officielles

Opening of the village of unity and national integration

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2023From  :  11 HeuresMeeting ID : 825 0474 2842Passcode : 12345 Click on the icon below to join the ZOOM meeting For this opening the Minister of Youth and Civic Education is accompanied by his counterparts:▪ ISSA TCHIROMA BAKARY, the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training;▪


Volunteering activities in the south, Ebolowa

North West

Regional launching of the National day in the North West Region Handball match between the DDR girls and the military match between the Boys of DDR with the judiciary speech by the SG personal representative of the. Governor of the Region after the launching Intergenerational meeting on living



Minister Mounouna Foutsou is at the esplanade of the Services of the Governor of the Littoral Region. National unity and integrationAs the recent organization of the CANTotalEnergies 2022 has demonstrated, sport is a factor of consolidation of unity.Also, as part of the civil demonstrations of the Day of Unity, a

Far North

Since the 12th on the island of Darak in Logone and Chari. The activities began with respect for the symbols of the Republic and a canoe race chaired by the Deputy Prefect. Civil-military activities in Maroua.Football tournament between the police team opposed to the penitentiary administration team and Justice CULTURAL

The official launch of activities of the Youth Onzaine is slated to take place from the 31th of January to the 1st of February 2022 in the town of Poli ; in the Faro division of the North Region.

  • Activities to be conducted during this launch, include among others :
    The meeting with the youth of the North Region ;
  • The music festival featuring renowed artists at the Roumdé-Adjia stadium, as an extra attraction in continuation of the African Cup of Nations ;
  • The family meeting at the Poli Council, between sister communities of the North and the North-west, specifically the Chamba people ;
  • The distribution of equipment and other agro-pastoral inputs to organised groups of young farmers and herders ;
  • Operational support to volontary clubs for works of general interest ;
  • Training of Mobile Civic Education techniques, to sensitze local communities in times of crisis ;
  • Training in first aid and operational support to motorbike taxi riders.