Prelude to the launch of activities

👨🏿‍✈️ The General of Civic Educators

The Minister for Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU, is ready to review the troops of civic educators, aspiring reserve officers 🫡

📌 We are at the headquarters of the Western Regional Council

This is where the installation ceremony for this region’s very first Regional Youth Council is taking place

Performance of the national anthem

This is the culmination of a process that began on 22 April 2024.

The 1st vice-president of the regional council made this known. At the end of this process, 20 young regional councillors are from the traditional command, and 70 regional councillors.

📸 And here are the officers

Luc Sielenou as Chairman. An action plan is expected from this Bureau

Respect for our elders is a prerequisite for our success”.

It is on this theme that Fadimatou IYAWA OUSMANOU, President of the National Youth Council of Cameroon, delivers the Civic Minute.

And finally…

“Don’t forget that you are first and foremost VOLUNTEERS. This means that you have FREELY chosen to devote a little of your time, your energy, your intelligence, your patience and your creativity, in the service of collective fulfilment, without expecting any remuneration, as you have just undertaken to do, by reading and then signing your oath”, says MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU.

Family photo

As a prelude to the launch of civil events for the 52nd National Day, the Minister for Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU, is making a working visit to the West Region today.
On Monday 13 May 2024, he will be carrying out a number of activities, including
– the mid-course evaluation ceremony for MINIEC civic educators in Specialised Higher Military Preparation at the Koutaba Airborne Troops Battalion Training Centre;

– the installation ceremony of the Regional Youth Councillors of the Western Region at the esplanade of the Western Regional Council in Bafoussam;
– and the ceremonies to launch the “Citizen and Patriotic Migration” Operation, close the inter-regional Bootcamp for the West and North-West of the Youth Connekt Cameroon initiative and sign partnership agreements with the Biometric Youth Card Operators at the University of Dschang.

📸 a welcome by the Training Centre Commander

A single goal: The implementation of the PRONEC-REAMORCE

In the vision of making young staff able to contribute significantly to the construction of an “exemplary Republic” dear to the President of the Republic his Excellency Mr Paul BIYA, in a context marked by the rise in uncivil acts, hate speech and violent extremism, MINJEC, in response to the above-mentioned evils, has implemented the National Programme for Civic Education through Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament (PRONEC-REAMORCE) in all the Multifunctional Centres for Youth Promotion (CMPJ).

📸 end here at koutaba with this

Morale is high

LE MINJEC est là !

Un accueil ici par Jules hilaire FOCKA FOCKA, Président du Conseil Régional de céans

Thank you for the technical support”.

These are the words of Jules Hilaire Focka Focka, President of the Regional Council. He also said that the Western Region needs its regional Youth Centre to be built so that the young people of the Western Region can find answers to their many concerns. To the young regional councillors, he said: “Dear young people, the challenge of coaching your peers is expected of you.
In the Advice section, he urged young people not to allow themselves to be misled by those who promote manipulation. Don’t be used, dear young people, work for peace to reign”, says Jules Hilaire Focka.

The CRJs, structures for young people’s participation in local development

These structures, which were hailed by the President of the Republic during his Message to Young People on 10 February, are mechanisms for mobilising, welcoming, supervising and taking action by young people aged 15 to 34 through a voluntary commitment for a period of one year to a Regional Council for their participation in the management of local public affairs. This structure is therefore a framework for learning and introducing responsible citizenship, but also a space for inter-generational exchanges and for building and consolidating civic awareness among young people.

Presentation of attributes

Tricolour scarf, badge and training certificate: these are the gadgets handed to the young regional councillors, confirming the start of their term of office.

The young people of the West region feel honoured by this involvement in local affairs”.

These are the sentiments expressed by Luc Sielenou, President of the CRJ Ouest Bureau. We note that the voluntary commitment of these young people will be based on the general interest and patriotism through a mobilisation that will promote the values of the State of Cameroon, which include a taste for effort and civic-mindedness.

The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education is, and always will be, open to any initiative that contributes to the development of young people”.

These are the words of the Minister for Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU, who welcomed the initiative of the Western Regional Council to set up a CRJ. To the young people, he said:

“Dear Young Regional Councillors,
As I congratulate you on your successful participation in the Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmement (REAMORCE) training course over the last three days, I would like, following in the footsteps of the President of the Regional Council, to remind you that you are pioneers and should be proud to have been chosen from among so many candidates to carry out this active voluntary service. You are the very first Youth Regional Council in the Western Region, and the fourth to be set up at national level – what an honour!
History will record that you are the men and women chosen to set an example of active, committed youth, to devise development initiatives, at a time when young people are exposed to evils such as drugs, smoking, STIs and HIV, or when they are simply thinking of taking the difficult and uncertain path of clandestine migration. You, whom the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, affectionately calls “the spearhead of the Nation”, your one (01) year mission to the Western Regional Council will be a moment of great joy for the region.

A “Citizen and Patriotic Migration” operation

The “Citizen and Patriotic Migration” operation, one of the innovations of National Day 2024, aims to carry out concerted actions to rebuild the perception that Cameroonians in general and young people in particular have of their country, with a view to combating irregular migration and providing a framework for citizen, patriotic, safe, orderly and regular migration. With the support of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), MINJEC intends, during this nationwide operation, to instil the notion of “patriotic migration” in young Cameroonians, so that they can emigrate with their hearts in Cameroon and attached to their homeland. Like Koreans, Chinese, North Africans and even some West and East Africans …. Anything that can contribute to the country’s development.

The IOM is committed to working with Cameroon to combat irregular migration and promote citizen and patriotic migration.

These are the words of Abdel Rahmane DIOP, Representative of the Organisation for Migration. Yes, but not at any price”, he said, paraphrasing the Head of State.

An account of the conference on citizen and patriotic migration

The summary of this conference is given here by Prof. Nadine TEMGOUA YEMELONG, moderator of the discussions. She said that after discussions, the participants came to the conclusion that uncontrolled migration is destructive for a country’s future. With the help of the IOM, the young people were able to learn more about what is meant by migration.
At the end of the discussions, the young people were asked to be daring and to seek the right information from approved organisations, because the opportunities do exist. As for their grievances, the young people called on the government to switch from basic theory to practical teaching from secondary to primary level. The young people also insisted on being involved in the decision-making process. The financial aspect was also mentioned.

🟢🔴🟡 A word from MINJEC

In his opening remarks, the Minister for Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU, with his well-known dynamism, thanked the large team that has been accompanying him since this morning.
Speaking about the Citizen and Patriotic Migration operation, he welcomed the various proposals made at the Conference, while promising that he would look into these proposals in order to find a solution to this problem, because, he said. Migration is not bad in itself, but it should enable young people to take technology and know-how abroad and come and develop Cameroon, our country.

On the closing of the Bootcamp, he said that this was only the beginning, and that the young participants in this competition would be supported, because their objective was to become “true Indomitable Lions of youth entrepreneurship”, said Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU.

Young people need to hold on to role models, they do exist, we need to find them and draw inspiration from them”, said the Member of Government.
With these words, he closed the Youth Connekt bootcamp and launched the Citizen and Patriotic Migration operation.

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