Citizenship and National Integration Activities: Olympiads of Living Together 2022 Edition

Monday, May 16, 2022, at the Yaoundé City Hall esplanade

Cultural identity

François Bingono Bingono calls out to young people about tribality, mother tongues, traditional houses and the culinary arts. In doing so, he asks those present here not to lose their tribality, which is an integral part of their identity.

Likewise, it gives the definition of tribalism. According to François Bingono Bingono, journalist and ethnomusicologist, it is a scourge to be fought with the utmost energy.

“We must avoid and fight tribalism, Say no to violence in schools. It is strictly forbidden to shed the blood of the other. The African recognizes that we did not come here to stay here: we are born, we grow up , we get married, we die. When we die the good that we have done of note alive is waiting for us there. So in dying we will want to have the reward or the punishment? Dear young people, the one who shed blood must not be reborn with punishment for doing wrong.”

you said you’re president of Wizards, is that positive sorcery? Question from Mabapte Tene Vicky Trésor, student at AMASIA College.

“For people of your age, it’s complicated to answer. Remember that it is not good to lose your traditional values. I am the President of sorcerers because I am a promoter of African culture. Witchcraft is a thing neutral, replied the exhibitor Bingono Bingono.

Presentation of the National Gendarmerie

“Having a dense territorial network in the regional capitals, you will find a legion; in each Department you will see at least one company (specialized units and specialized brigades), and in the districts at least one brigade. On a daily basis, we make a proximity work in the 10 regions of Cameroon. So, the gendarmerie is present alongside the population to respond to the missions of the judicial police and the military police” said Captain Ngounou

The National Gendarmerie is a body that is an integral part of the defense and security forces. It fights against serious crime and organized crime.

Following the explanations on this elite corps, she detailed the conditions of entry to the National Gendarmerie in order to encourage these young students to have a vocation in the army.

In addition, the number 113 responds to all user concerns. We are waiting for your calls. And, if you encounter cases of abuse from the gendarmes, call 1501, she said.

Raising awareness on the non-consumption of drugs in schools

The psychologist of the National Gendarmerie, was responsible for highlighting the harmful effects of psychotropic substances in the school environment.

“By dint of taking it, you become addicted and addicted. Once you no longer have access to this drug, madness sets in. So depression can go as far as suicide. The advice is to don’t even start using drugs,” said Olama Claire Épse Okala.

What should we do, if we call and you don’t answer? Question from Donzem, Student of the Yona school complex

“You will always have someone on the line…Always! You must know, dear young people, that it is not the person on the line who comes to the field, but the patrol closest to you. C “That’s why we identify you during the call. So when you call, please keep your phone always on and above all, please give exact information and the gendarmerie will be there” in response given by Captain Ngounou Nguenkam Pascale.

Visit of the stand housing the figures who have marked the history of Cameroon