Mbarga Sidonie, Expert Minjec
Docteur Asandj de l'Université de Yaoundé 2

National Day theme

In view of the dual civil and military character of the National Day, the platform baptized in the village of "Army-Nation" unity edifies the participants on the theme: Army and Nation: what Impact on the construction of citizenship and unity national?


Theme: “Army-Nation: what impact in the construction of citizenship and national unity”

Monday, May 16, 2022
Esplanade of the Yaoundé City Hall


Eleanor Besong, Crtv Journalist
Lieutenant Colonel Boum Mbadi
Docteur Meke N. De l'Université de Yaoundé 2
Lieutenant Mfoumou Ahanda N.


The objective of this activity is to strengthen collaboration between law enforcement and the population in order to meet the multifaceted challenges facing the country.

Military engineering is at work throughout the national territory.

The road layout at the entrance to the city of Bamenda, the Kumba – Manfé road, the construction of the modern Sangmelima market and the construction of the Bertoua market, are some examples of military infrastructure. was able to quote Doctor Meke. The examples are numerous and continue to be useful for local and even sub-regional populations.

National Architect: the army

The flagship of national development also comes from military engineering. Lieutenant Colonel Boum adds to the prowess of military engineering: “Cameroonian military engineering is today one of the best in Africa.”

Regular Force, Auxiliary Force and Auxiliary Force

The FMO as an elite weapon, guardian of the safety and security of the territory are made up of: the gendarmerie, the national navy, the army.

In the sense of the legislator, the police in Cameroon are the gendarmerie and the national security. We retain that the term Police is an abuse of language and an unconceptualized terminology.

The gendarmerie, being the link between the army and the law enforcement forces, is half-civilian, half-military. It can transform into a combat unit depending on the need and the area.


The Minjec expert returned to the Civic and Entrepreneurial Moral Rearmament so that the young people present here take ownership of the merits of this initiative in their favor.

The Minjec as the secular arm of the government in the promotion of Civic Education and National Integration is more than ever in action to meet the needs and aspirations of young Cameroonians.

It was the sub-commission [Educational social exchanges] on the theme: Army-Nation: What impact in the construction of citizenship and national unity

Around constructive and educational debates

Exchanges around the above-mentioned theme take the form of a crossroads of living together, between academics, FMOs and populations from different social categories.

The exchanges continue here between the various participants in the Quartier Armée-Nation…

From the Yaoundé City Hall esplanade, for the village of unity, 🇨🇲