Date: February 8, 2022 from 8:30 a.m.

Meeting ID: 88498753859

Passcode: 953851

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Intervention of MINJEC

In his remarks for the occasion, Minister Mounouna Foutsou first invited the audience, and in particular the young deputies, to observe the barrier measures enacted by the government within the framework of the “Civisme Minute”.

Then, he expressed his gratitude to the partners present for their support in carrying out this activity. Addressing young people, he invited young MPs to be examples or even role models for other young people. It is in this sense that he noted the legal character now acquired by the “Youth Parliament”.
However, he invited them not to take the place of their parliamentary fathers, but much more, to draw inspiration from them by remaining humble and respectful.

CNJC intervention

Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, President of the National Youth Council of Cameroon is delighted with this meeting which allows young people not only to meet, but also to discuss the problems of young people.

Intervention of the Network of Parliamentarians ”Esperance Jeunesse”

Joshua OSIH, National Coordinator of the ”Esperance Jeunesse” network recalled the importance of this ”Youth Parliament” which constitutes a real school of political practice. According to him, these young deputies should logically become deputies later.

Intervention de Plan Cameroon

Colins SAYANG, Deputy Country Director of Plan Cameroon discusses the importance of the contribution of young people to development actions. It indicates that this contribution must be accompanied and supervised by national actors. This aims to encourage young people to live in societies which they themselves will have contributed to shaping.