The 56th edition of the Youth Day comes at a time when the Government is engaged in a proactive policy to promote the special status of the South-West and North-West regions and especially to rebuild the Far North region and acceleration of the implementation of the Three-Year Plan.

“special-youth”. In this context, the Ministry of Youth and Education
Civic (MINJEC) intends to highlight a set of activities arising from Youth Connekt. This interactive virtual platform which, it should be recalled, was officially launched with the aim of setting up a network of promoters of initiatives in favor of young people, in order to meet the requirements linked to employment and the vulnerability that characterizes youth.

To this end, it is necessary that particular emphasis be placed on the mechanisms for promoting the social and economic integration of young people and the fight against underemployment. Hence the need to ensure the quality and availability of information relating to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the involvement of the said social category in the construction of sustainable economic growth in Cameroon. It is thus a question of ensuring that the consequences of information asymmetry are limited, particularly with regard to prolonged unemployment and the low social and economic inclusion of young people.

A situation
which contrasts with the commitments made by Cameroon through the National Development Strategy for the period 2020-2030 (SND-30) and its will
to make the Covid19 pandemic an opportunity to revive the digital economy and a challenge for building sustainable growth in Cameroon. In order to better respond to the various expectations and aspirations of young people,

MINJEC relies on the YOUTH Connekt initiative through its 07 components
to know :
the Youth Connekt Convention which is a physical forum, a framework for
consultation for young entrepreneurs, decision-makers, donors and development partners.
The Youth Connekt Bootcamp: it is a capacity building camp where young people are trained in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, communication and the search for funding;

the Youth Connekt Champion, which is the framework of excellence in which the young winners, leaders who have distinguished themselves through innovations or their actions in society, are awarded each year;
Youth Connekt Community Services: This is the space where out-of-school youth engage in volunteering and community volunteering activities;
the Youth Connekt Jobs framework for training and vocational guidance for young people, and strengthening mechanisms for access to employment;
the Youth Connect Dialogue;

Youth Connekt Hangout which is an interactive virtual and physical platform where young people network with various actors in society.
In this perspective, the PNH has planned, among the information, training and exchange activities for young people, the organization of a Youth Connekt Hangout. Another contextual element favorable to the success of the 2022 edition of the “Special YouthConnekt Hangout Onzaine de la Jeunesse” is the effective establishment of almost all of the Regional Councils of Cameroon. Hence the special attention paid to this innovation.


They are 5 members of the government present in this room of the National Museum. We have among others
– the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Crafts,

– the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education

– the Minister of Youth and Civic Education

– the Minister of Arts and Culture

– the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training

But also heads of diplomatic missions

Opening remarks by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education

In his introductory remarks, Minister Mounouna Foutsou expressed his gratitude to the members of the government present at this strong moment of exchange with young people.
Thus, on the objective of this very popular activity, the MINJEC, declares: <>. It goes on to say, <>, it says.

It is then that he invites young people to ask their questions without restraint so that all the gray areas concerning the government’s action in favor of Youth are lifted. It is with these words that he declares trade open.

In his speech, the Minister of State, Minister for Higher Education,

Jacques fame Ndongo, let it be known that the school is no longer only the domain of “scholarly knowledge”. It indicates that the different faculties created here and there are intended to provide knowledge, know-how and knowledge. Thus, he invited young people to no longer focus on knowledge but that they are also interested in know-how. He says in essence: <>.

Intervention of MINPMEESA

In his response, Minister Achille Basilekin III presented what the social and solidarity economy consists of.
Thus returning to the question, he affirms that his ministerial department intervenes in the field of Youth through three main axes, namely:
– training and capacity building
-Financial support by financing innovative youth projects
– organization of partnership relations between the young people of Cameroon and those of friendly countries, notably Canada, in the field of the social economy through decentralized cooperation.

2nd series of questions

The questions asked are:

📌 What is being done to allow young people to live off the fruit of their art? This question is then addressed to the Minister of Arts and Culture;

📌 What are the mechanisms put in place by minefop to promote decent employment in young people?

📌 What is being done to allow the young girl’s voluntary participation in the challenges of the moment?

Response from the Minister of Arts and Culture

In his words Minister Bidoung MPKATT, returns to the importance of arts and culture in the economic construction of a country. For this he says that currently although some difficulties hinder this area, the time has come to structure so that “the culture sector is at the forefront of job creation”, indicates the Minac . Also, he makes it known that the creation of federations in progress in his ministerial department will make it possible to clean up this sector so that the creator of works of the mind live from their art. It thus invites young people to take a look around them through the galleries already available on the museum esplanade and which are creations of young people.

Intervention of MINEFOP

Responding to the question on decent employment, Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, advises young people. Thus, he asks them not to feel sorry for themselves, he asks them to show courage.
Returning to the question, he insists on the know-how, “when you go to ask for a job in the private sector, you are not asked what you know, but you are asked what you know how to do”, says- he. He continues, saying that it is important for young people to be trained for their own good, but that by being trained that they reassure themselves that the training they are doing affects the job market. Also, it necessarily invites them to start a business. Speaking of decent work, he asserts that this requires training. He reassured by saying “my responsibility is to protect jobs in Cameroon,>>. He encourages them and therefore urges them to lean towards vocational training.

Response from the Minister of Industry and Technological Development

In his words Minister Gabriel DODO Ndoke, let it be known that the industry is heavy for young people, but it is not impossible, it is nevertheless necessary to go through training. First of all, you have to know in which industrial field you want to intervene. Also, it mentions the facilities that are put to use. He also makes it known that for a young person it is good to start with craftsmanship which is more accessible.

Intervention of MINESEC

Reacting to the issue of the participation of volunteers in education, Minister Nalova Lyonga said that this option would be commendable, however, she said that education is professional, one cannot be a teacher if one does not pass by a school. You have to learn how to teach, how to transmit knowledge. “It’s not an easy thing, as we hear it, you have to learn first before you teach,” says Minister Nalova Lyonga. It therefore places a point of honor on the prior training of teachers.

Closing remarks by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education

In her closing remarks, Mounouna Foutsou thanks her counterparts for their constant presence alongside the Youth. Also, he encourages and congratulates the young people for their active participation during these exchanges. Also, he invites them to get closer to government structures to be aware of the opportunities reserved for them.
He concludes by inviting everyone to listen to the message of the Head of State but also to go to the parade which will take place in a small group in compliance with the barrier measures.

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