Crossroads of living together between communities

Crossroads of living together between the sister communities BAKOSSI of MOUEMENAN and those of the Arrondissements of BANGEM and TOMBEL Friday, May 12, 2022. 📍 MOUMEKENG High School

he is welcomed by the Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel IVAHA DIBOUA.

Live in pictures the welcome reserved for the member of the government

Hospitality, fraternity, Unity, general communion are the words here that can be used to translate this.

🔴 Presentation on the theme

<< The origin of the Bakossi peoples, their historical trajectory, their kinship, as well as their cultural, linguistic and anthropological heritage >>

By Minister Ngolle Phillip Ngwese

In his intervention on the origin of the Bakossi peoples, we note that the Bakossi come from an ancestor who lived in the heights of Mount Manengouba. Thus, it presents the different aspects of the cohabitation of the Bakossi communities of Banguem, Mouamenan and Tombel which are sister communities, it specifies in watermark, “there is peace between the Banguem and Tombel communities, whoever speaks to you makes constantly the ground between these different communities and I can reassure you that these two communities are more than at peace>>.

🟢Presentation of the activity of the Carrefour du vivre ensemble

In his introductory remarks, Mr. AKEDE METOUGUE Éric, Chairman of the Launching Activities Commission and also Head of the Legal Affairs Division, presents the merits of holding a Crossroads of Living Together alongside the activities launch of the National Day. Thus, we note that this republican exercise comes from the need for unity between the different national communities, a sine qua none condition for the establishment of the long-desired lasting peace. For this day, this activity will highlight two sister communities in the South West and Littoral regions. It was then that he passed the torch to Minister Ngolle Philippe Ngwese, for further discussions.


The local Carrefours du Vivre Ensemble are spaces for meetings and communal exchanges that will see Cameroonians of all origins come together in order to dialogue and find solutions for the advent of better living together.

Message from the Mayor of the Commune of Manjo

The ceremony opens with a word from the Mayor of the Commune of Manjo, Théclaire Njanjo Ekosso.

She first of all appreciated the choice of the Municipality of the Department of Moungo. According to her, this demonstrates the great mark of confidence and esteem that the President of the Republic has in the populations of the commune for which she is responsible.Pu

is addressing the Minjec, she mentioned some difficulties encountered by young people in her municipality, the main ones being the support and financing of projects for the unemployed.

End of welcome

Then, the Mayor asked Minister Mounouna Foutsou to be the spokesperson for the Commune of Manjo to the Head of State and Government. This advocacy could concern the construction of health and education buildings as well as the rehabilitation of certain sections of road linking Manjo to several localities which, according to her, will promote the transport of consumer products and allow easier movement, strengthening living together. in Manjō.

Regarding the launch in Moumekeng, she notes that “the unprecedented visit of the Minister to this canton arouses great satisfaction and great hopes”, hopes that the Commune of Manjo will continue to be the object of the attentions of the Republic, and that it will continue to develop and also participate in the development of the Nation.

Citizenship minute

The Minister indicates that in this context which follows the Crossroads of living together, it is appropriate to celebrate bilingualism and Cameroonian cultural diversity.

To this end, he calls on everyone to greet their neighbor in the official language with which they are least familiar. Assistants can also greet in their national languages ​​or those of their choice. In joy…

For the attention of all Mounouna Foutsou declares: “Cameroon is our Common heritage, it is to the preservation of this common heritage that this year’s theme invites us”.

After other messages calling for civic-mindedness, unity, national integration and peace, Mounouna Foutsou recalls the full availability of the Government to support the Youth.

This is how he assures young people that the decentralized services of his ministerial department are at their entire disposal to inform and supervise them so that they can become autonomous, particularly on the socio-economic level. Assurance received with joy by the young people of Moumekeng.

Finally, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, President of the National Committee for the organization of civil events on the National Day, officially launches the said events and wishes a happy Unity Day to all.

Installation of the Young Municipal Council of Manjo

As a reminder, the Youth Municipal Councils are spaces for participation, learning, consultation and contribution of young people to political life, to the management of local affairs. These bodies are set up voluntarily by the Communes, in partnership with MINJEC.

As for Manjo, it is a total of 35 young people who make up this CMJ and who will represent their peers.

Promising to serve for the general interest, the youth advisers take an oath.

Gifts to MINJEC

The populations express their gratitude to Minister Mounouna Foutsou by offering him gifts.

Concerning in particular the ram offered to him in this image, the natives tell him: “This gift is a strong symbol in the culture of the Far North. Thank you”.

Three-Year Plan Special-Youth

Material is given to young people as part of the PTS-Jeunes. These young people belong to a cassava production, processing and marketing cluster.

These are 2 tricycles, hoes, machetes, wheelbarrows, multifunctional brush cutters and motorized sprayers among others. Processing equipment was also given to young people; thus they received cassava flour grinders, cassava paste presses and cassava rappers.

You can read the satisfaction on the faces of the young people.

The interviews

Mounouna Foutsou returns to the choice of the launch location.

In English and then in French.

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