Young MPs

The Youth Parliament

In collaboration with the “Youth Hope Parliamentary Network” (REJE), a youth parliament has been established, the objective of which is to promote debate on a very specific theme according to their status and related to their concerns.
Following the selection of participants, which will be done at the local level according to a given theme, three major times will fill their activities, namely:
– guided tours in certain republican institutions (Senate, National Assembly, PM services, Supreme Court, etc.) will take place in small groups and on a rotating basis;
– a discussion session with young people and members of the Government in the largest room of the Palais des Congrès, making it possible to comply with health measures on COVID-19, on February 9, 2022;
– participation in the February 11 parade, possibly on the boulevard du 20 mai.

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou, participates in the 5th edition of the Youth Parliament 2022 which is currently being held at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé.

This meeting is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education and the Network of Parliamentarians ”Esperance Jeunesse” (REJE) for the promotion of policies and actions in favor of Youth and childhood, represented by the Honorable Joshua OSIH, National Coordinator.

The honorable member of the network of parliamentarians welcomed the new young deputies in the exercise of a function, which, according to her, will allow them to learn a lot.

CNJC intervention

Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, President of the National Youth Council of Cameroon expressed the gratitude of Cameroonian youth for the efforts made by the government to involve and involve young people in the development process.
From then on, she advised young MPs to put themselves at the service of their young peers and to be humble and willing to learn from their MP fathers.

The first intervention is that of faithful Djebba the president of the ray of sunshine association who presents the problem from the angle of the family and medical responses

Intervention of the REJE

The Honorable Joshua OSIH, National Coordinator of the ”Esperance Jeunesse” Parliamentarians’ Network for the promotion of policies and actions in favor of Youth and Children is delighted with the holding of this session of the Youth Parliament 2022.
He invited the young Deputies to be aware of the challenges of the nation and to be worthy of the trust placed in them. For him, this Youth Parliament is a learning space for young people to contribute to development.

Intervention of MINJEC

Minister Mounouna Foutsou expressed his gratitude to the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril for the arrangements made for the holding and success of this session. He noted the quantitative importance of youth and its qualitative contribution to building a strong and exemplary nation. For Minister Mounouna Foutsou, young people must lead by example in order to be worthy of the nation’s trust.

Message from the Representative of the President of the National Assembly

Hon. Hilarion Etong, welcomed the new young MPs and highlighted the tremendous work ahead of them. He thus invited them to adopt a participative approach in order to federate the living forces of their communities. He invited them to be assiduous during their work.

At the invitation of the 1st Vice President of the National Assembly, Hilarion Etong, a round of applause was reserved for the President of the Republic, Head of State H.E. Mr. Paul BIYA. for the good organization and the resounding success of the 33rd edition of the CAN TotolEnergies which has just ended.

Oral Questions

1st question

The Young Deputy, Ewane Joël Stéphane from the Littoral region asked the question relating to the increase in prices on basic consumption items and the failure to take into account ”Made in Cameroon” (local) products. in the mercurial.

Mincommerce Response

Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Minister of Trade engaged in the exercise and evoked in response, the current economic fluctuations. He welcomed the timeliness and relevance of this issue.
For this, he defined the list of prices as a list of goods and tariffs (prices) of goods and equipment delivered by the public authorities.

According to him, this price list includes products manufactured by nationals. He thus invited the interested party to seize the services of Mincommerce to have products integrated into the list of prices. As an example, he listed a set of local products already included in the market price.

He also said that the Mincommerce has undertaken to set up “showcases” of “Made in Cameroon” products in certain cities such as Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Garoua, Maroua, etc. He thus announced the forthcoming establishment of a ”Cameroon” certified label. However, this implies compliance with a number of international standards.